Okay girls it’s time!

It’s time to lift up your right hand with some serious love but ever so gentle anger, slap yourself on your beautiful buttocks and say to yourself, stop it! Stop looking in the mirror and picking out every part of your body that you strongly dislike. Stop focusing only on your cellulite, stretch marks and voluptuous fat. Stop ignoring your impeccable beauty, and start realising that all of those parts of you that you despise and hate, well guess what, those are the parts of your body that make you so undeniably, desirably, perfect. And here’s another slap in the butt for you, despite what your Mama always told you, you’re not special! 

Every woman has cellulite and stretch marks, ALL of us, and I mean ALL. It’s part of being alive, it’s part of being a woman and it’s part of being human. So get your head out of your sexy, cellulite ass and realise you are not ‘abnormal’ for having fat or bumps, curves or cellulite, you are quite the opposite, you are completely, utterly, wonderfully normal, just like everybody else. 

With the glorious rise of social media, technology and easily accessible photoshop, even my 99 year old Grandma can figure out how to iron out her wrinkles and knock 40 years off her looks.

The not so glorious rise of ‘trendy’ fad diets and cellulite removal creams, machines, and products have literally been eaten off the shelves. We want to believe in quick fixes, and lazy ladies ways out. Companies have literally made millions from selling hand sanitiser in bottles and telling women it’s the new found cellulite removal cure. But the truth is – and it’s a hard truth to hear – there is no easy fix. Some woman yes, are more predisposed to cellulite from their hormones, lifestyle, age, genetic susceptibility and body shape. But at the end of a long ass (pun intended) day, 98% of woman have visible cellulite, and that’s a FACT. 

Living a healthy lifestyle however can reduce the visibility of cellulite. People who eat large amounts of saturated fats, have a high sodium (salt) diet, consume too little fibre and do not exercise regularly, are at greater risk of having more ‘visible’ cellulite. But consuming ample amounts of fibre, reducing your intake of saturated fats, being cautious regarding your sodium intake and exercising regularly are not cures for reduced cellulite ladies, oh man! oh man! they are most definitely not, they’re tips to leading a healthy, happy, wonderfully long life. But I’m not here today to ramble on about the basic necessities of a happy life (we all know I do that enough already), I’m here preaching to the beautiful women choir to stand up tall today and stop hiding in your insecurities. Start showing the world that you are proud of everything you are and everything you may not be. 

Isn’t it time we stop pretending that we are cellulite free and start celebrating that we aren’t? If having cellulite is part of being human then why would we deny the world of our beauty? Can you imagine waking up tomorrow and instead of seeing perfectly photoshopped images of girls on yachts in St. Tropez, you saw real women. And by real women I mean, no photoshop, no photo edits, lights, cameras and sun drenched impeccable backdrops, but real woman like you and me having the courage to show the world their true beauty. The parts of the body that make them vulnerable, their cellulite, stretch marks, stomachs and thighs. If every woman showed the world the parts of the body that they are so fearful of showing, won’t cellulite and stretch marks finally be what it really, truly is, NORMAL. If young girls grew up in a world knowing that cellulite is a part of being human then we can abolish so much self-hate, self-loathing, and depression and replace it with self-love, courage, pride and confidence. 

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy girls, it’s going to be hard. But just like everything else great in this world, we need to stand up, stick together and change the world for the better, one woman at a time <3

Are you ready to show the world your beauty? 

#showmeyourbeauty – If you have the courage to stand tall, be fearless and help other women all around the world with their insecurities, post a picture on social media of your true beauty and tag #showmeyourbeauty & @trainlikeaballerina. Show the world your stretch marks, cellulite, stomach or thighs, a part of your body that you have hidden until now but finally want to stand with us, stand tall and tell the world that you know that part of your body does NOT make you imperfect but immeasurably the opposite. It’s time to show the world your beauty. And remember alone we are powerful, but together we can change the world. With all my love & pussy power strength,

Louisa Xx.