Rest & Recovery for dancers

Rest and active recovery allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between workouts or lengthy days of dancing and performances. It also allows the dancer to recover, both physically and psychologically, allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself in preparation for the next training load, and decreases […]


⏱️ PREPERATION: 5 MINUTES 🍴 SERVES: 1 BALLERINA With the anti-inflammatory action of turmeric, and blood sugar regulating mechanism of cinnamon this smoothie is perfect as a post-workout refuel or a pick-me-up during busy, stressful days! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of frozen mango (or a frozen banana if not in season) 1 cup almond milk or milk […]

Exercises for TURN OUT

Did you ever have a ballet teacher tell you that you just have to ‘work with what you got’? Well if they did I hope they also told you that working with what you were given doesn’t just mean settling, nor does it mean stretching until kingdom come! It means STRENGTHENING. Thankfully on Train Like […]

6 best Ways to Manage Covid Stress

You’re not that happy but you’re pretty sure you’re not depressed. You’re lacking motivation yet there’s nothing physically wrong with you. You count your blessings daily yet the benefits of your practice appear to be dwindling. You have an underlying feeling of emptiness inside you as you smile through your teeth instead of with your […]

Top 3 TLB Exercises for Inner Thigh Strength

Inner thigh strength is used far more than most dancers realise and the importance of correctly strengthening them is often greatly overlooked. Inner thigh strength comes into play from the first time you turn out your legs at the barre, stand in first position or pointe your feet. Correctly engaging & drawing your focus during ballet class […]

Ballet Feet – What Professional Ballet Dancing Does To Your Feet?

Ballet pushes the anatomical possibilities of humans to the extreme, much like elite sports. It is a moment of wonder and awe when watching ballerinas dance an entire routine en pointe. The constant strain on the lower extremities due to pointe work- the leaping, landing, twisting, and turning- can lead to what is widely known […]

Tips For New Adult Ballet Students

The idea of canvassing the ballet world as an adult can be quite intimidating. Ballet training is complex and takes years to master. It can be exhausting to get the pirouettes, plié, and arabesque just right. Adult ballet students feel that extra pressure to pick up intricate moves and techniques as quickly as possible. However, […]

Why you’re not getting stronger.

Overworked? Active and actual rest drives better results… Not training correctly? It’s always a great idea to use platforms or teachers to continually assess and evolve your training. Not enough adaption. To evolve and grow, mix it up. Mindset is key! Work on your mindset as much as your muscles. Overworked  As dancers we’re constantly […]

Flexibility – The best stretches for beginners.

Flexibility is defined as the body’s ability to move joints through an unrestricted and pain-free range of motion. The range of motion is influenced by the mobility of the soft tissues that surround the joint such as the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, and skin. Flexibility is a very important aspect of dance. Ballerinas understand […]

Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion In Ballet

Times are changing and the call for collective social change has never been louder and sweeping. Ballet and its institution are no longer elite or exclusive. The time-hollowed notions and austere traditions of ballet have perpetuated historical inequity and discrimination. The burgeoning diversity and inclusivity movement in ballet are opening doors for racially marginalised, LGBTQIA, […]