What COVID-19 has Taught us About our Mental Wellbeing

COVID-19 has caused us to question our way of life. It has also taught us to value the simple things, make time for mental health, and for “me” time. There’s no denying that it’s been tough. The uncertainty about our futures, combined with drastic lifestyle changes,  has taken a toll on all of us. But […]

Why Train Like a Ballerina is for Everybody

We believe everyone should have access to ballet training and the ability to Train Like a Ballerina. Let’s have a glimpe behind the curtain as to why train like a ballerina is for all. Ballet dancers are known for their beautiful bodies, flawless grace, and incredible strength. They meticulously prepare for their performances, putting in […]

Programs & Master Trainers

Have you ever dreamt of training with world leading ballerinas and their trainers? Well now you can! Train Like a Ballerina brings you the workouts and exercises that ballerinas do to sculpt their lean, defined ballerina bodies. The secrets of the ballet world are now available to you and right in the palm of your […]

Train Like a Ballerina App Features

Train Like a Ballerina has been designed by ballerinas for ballerinas! We know the life of a ballerina is a busy one, but your training platform shouldn’t be. We’ve kept the TLB app as simple as possible to ensure your full focus is on the workouts and training. Below is a list of the main […]

Training Start Guide

First of all, welcome to the TLB team! You’re now part of a growing family of ballerinas and ballet enthusiasts from around the globe increasing strength, flexibility and confidence. With an entire team of professionals behind you ensuring you are staying on track and training correctly, we have no doubt you’re going to kick some serious […]

The Ballerina Bowl

⏱️ 20-30 MINS PREPERATION 🍴 SERVES: 2 BALLERINAS These bowls are the simplest, most satisfying way to ensure your body’s nutritional requirements are met during a busy day at work or training! I recommend making large batches (double the quantities in this recipe) of roasted pumpkin, cooked quinoa and chickpeas to make this super quick […]

Rest & Recovery for dancers

Rest and active recovery allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between workouts or lengthy days of dancing and performances. It also allows the dancer to recover, both physically and psychologically, allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself in preparation for the next training load, and decreases […]

Golden Spice Smoothie

⏱️ PREPERATION: 5 MINUTES 🍴 SERVES: 1 BALLERINA With the anti-inflammatory action of turmeric, and blood sugar regulating mechanism of cinnamon this smoothie is perfect as a post-workout refuel or a pick-me-up during busy, stressful days! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of frozen mango (or a frozen banana if not in season) 1 cup almond milk or milk […]

6 best Ways to Manage Covid Stress

You’re not that happy but you’re pretty sure you’re not depressed. You’re lacking motivation yet there’s nothing physically wrong with you. You count your blessings daily yet the benefits of your practice appear to be dwindling. You have an underlying feeling of emptiness inside you as you smile through your teeth instead of with your […]

Top 3 TLB Exercises for Inner Thigh Strength

Inner thigh strength is used far more than most dancers realise and the importance of correctly strengthening them is often greatly overlooked. Inner thigh strength comes into play from the first time you turn out your legs at the barre, stand in first position or pointe your feet. Correctly engaging & drawing your focus during ballet class […]