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Online ballet training for the ballerina in all of us. Taught by the world's best ballerinas and trainers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Train Like a Ballerina? + -

Train Like a Ballerina in online strength & flexibility training taught by leading ballerinas, teachers & trainers.

The TLB method is a science backed method of training designed to sculpt the body of a ballerina, increase mobility & flexibility & progressively build up strength.

Who is it for? + -

TLB is for all levels of fitness.

All workouts, stretches and programs range from beginner to advanced so whether you’re just started your fitness journey or are a professional ballerina, we’ve got you covered!

How does the subscription work? + -

All subscriptions come with an all access free 7 day trial and a cancel at anytime policy.

Monthly, quarterly and yearly plans are available and are under plans in the menu.

Please note on web, all prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Do I also have access to TLB apps? + -

YES! Train Like a Ballerina is available in WEB, iOS & ANDROID.

Please note only WEB subscribers have access to web & apps. App subscribers only have access to apps.

Where can I do the training & do I need equipment? + -

All TLB training has been designed for you to train anywhere, anytime and with minimal or no equipment.

Barre classes are full ballerina barre's' so a stable chair or table top is all you need!