Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, welcome to the Train Like a Ballerina team! If you have any pre-existing injuries or health concerns be sure to always consult with your doctor before commencing any new health, fitness or nutrition program. While we’re always here to provide general help and support, this should not be used in place of professional advice.

Train Like a Ballerina is one of the fastest growing communities of ballerinas and ballet enthusiasts around the world! Whether you're a professional ballerina or your taking your very first plié, TLB and our team of ballerinas, teachers and trainers are here to guide you every step of the way. All workouts are the workouts leading ballerinas actually do to remain lean and strong. They combine the beauty of ballet with strength and resistance training to sculpt a lean, defined body of a ballerina. Workouts include mat work and floor barre mixed with ballet movements, stretches, cardio & weight training to shape, elongate & strengthen not just ballerina’s bodies, but every body! The TLB method was created on some of the top professional Ballerinas in the world and they are now available to you!

UGH! That’s not ideal. The Train Like a Ballerina app and website does require a reasonably fast internet connection. And even then despite having a speedy internet connection, networks can have random cut-outs which will interfere with streaming some media content. Try updating your browser to the latest version. Then clear your cache (following the instructions here http://www.refreshyourcache.com/) and restart your computer. We suggest switching browsers to Chrome or Firefox as browsers such as Safari often have issues with all heavy tech based websites.

If you’re still having problems, try calling your internet provider or email our friendly fitness team at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

Please note however connection issues or internet speed unfortunately can’t be fixed by our team.

YES! The Train Like a Ballerina app is available in the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. If you are already a web subscriber you can use your same login details to access the TLB app.

However if you'd like access to the web and app ensure to subscribe via the Train like a Ballerina web version first.

All subscribers who subscribe through the WEB version will also have full access to the Train Like a a Ballerina apps both Android & iOS. Just simply download the TLB training app from the App Store or Google Play and use the same login details.

PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER if you subscribe through Google Play or the App Store you will only have access to that app, not the web as well. If you subscribed via one of the apps and would like access to the web, please unsubscribe on the app and re-subscribe via the web. If you require any further assistance please email our friendly team at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

Yes! All Train Like a Ballerina workouts on TLB have been specifically designed for strength progressions making the programs and workouts possible for complete beginners to professionals dancers. With a range of different programs available you decide how often and how challenging you train.

Heck to the YES you will be! TLB comes with a range of different programs to choose from including a range of PRO STRENGTH & CONDITIONING programs. Increase the strength of the resistance band used or weights to challenge yourself even further. If you're looking to improve your technique in a certain area, select workouts specifically targeted at turn out, extensions, posture, higher jumps or foot & ankle strength - all ranging from absolute beginners to professionals.

We've designed the workouts so you can train anywhere & everywhere & with minimal to no equipment. There are two styles of workout options to choose from including guided follow along full length videos as well as no sound, swipe across full workouts so you're able to train in studio or at home, with friends or on your own.
In the strength section select between, lower, upper or full body as well as targeted workouts for core, glutes, inner thighs & hamstrings. In our ballet technique section there are full workouts aimed at improving your turn out, extensions, jumps, posture & foot/ankle strength & flexibility.

If increasing your flexibility is what you'e are looking to improve there are hundreds of easy to follow along to stretching and mobility videos as well as targeted videos for side splits, middle splits and all over body flexibility.

All Train Like a Ballerina workouts are designed to do with little to no equipment. However some workouts can be made more challenging with the help of a resistance, a chair or hand weights. We recommend starting with 2 x 2kgs and building to 2 x 4kgs as you gain strength and confidence.

Welcome to the Train Like a Ballerina team!

We've created a start guide for you here:


As well as a list of the TLB app features:


For more information about our ballerinas, teachers, trainers and their workouts and program, click here:


Train Like a Ballerina is a subscription based platform, meaning once you've added your payment details and once your first payment has been made (after your 7-day FREE TRIAL), all the work is really done! Payments will come out monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your subscription model. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please note if you are an app subscriber you must cancel through the App Store or Google Play. If you are a web subscriber head to your profile.

For further questions or queries feel free to email our friendly fitness team at any time at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

Been there, forgot that! Hit the FORGOT YOUT PASSWORD button underneath the NEXT button on the LOGIN page. If the reset button fails to work or you do not receive the reset password simply email our friendly team at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

Gee you’re missing out! Here’s where they might be hiding:

Spam folder (probably alongside the emails saying you’ve won $1,000,000 from a mysterious foreign prince) Settings: just make sure your email is entered correctly and that Updates & News is turned ‘ON’!

All programs come with weekly emails sent directly to your inbox with your week of Train Like a Ballerina workouts, as well as messages from your trainer and a big grand jeté of motivation! We also send out a kick ass monthly newsletter, giveaways and updates. If you haven't been receiving these emails make sure to let us know by emailing us at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

Alrighty, let’s do some investigation work! Try updating your browser to the latest version, then check that your cookies aren’t set to ‘blocked’. Next, clear your cache (following the instructions here http://www.refreshyourcache.com/). If it’s still giving you a headache, make sure you’re using the correct email and password for the account you’re signing into – it’s easy to get them confused!

If you're on the Train Like a Ballerina app ensure you have the latest version of the app by going to the App Store or Google Play and selecting UPDATE.

If nothing else is working try resetting your password to simply email our friendly team at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

If you are experiencing any technical problems, see any bugs or minor hiccups please contact our tech team at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

We are a small team and are trying our best to keep the tech updated and ensure there are no bugs but we are also only human so we appreciate your feedback on anything you see that needs to be fixed.

Please note we can not confirm any question or queries sent through social media will be answered. Please send an email as soon as you have any problems and we'll help you as quickly as possible!

We are very sad to see you go but we know not every program is for every body. To unsubscribe you must unsubscribe from the platform on which you subscribed. PLEASE NOTE if you are subscribed via one of the Train Like a Ballerina apps and do not cancel within the trial period there is unfortunately nothing we can do.

Web - There is a button to unsubscribe in your profile in the top right corner from the main page.

App Store - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202039

Google Play - https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en

For further assistance feel free to reach out to our friendly team at hello@trainlikeaballerina.com

Train Like a Ballerina comes with your very own personalised calendar. To add a program to your calendar go to programs - enrol - select your desired start date - then all workouts in that program will appear in your calendar which is in the top right corner of the main page. Simply click on the current day on your calendar and click on the workout. If you miss a day you can access all workouts from previous and future dates in your program from the calendar as well.

YES - The favourite functionality allows you to save all of your favourite workouts in one spot! Simply click the grey heart on the workout description & it will be saved to your favourites. Your favourites are accessible from the main page through the grey heart icon. To remove a workout from your favourites, simply click the orange heart on the workouts description.

TLB has 12+ multiple incredible strength, flexibly and ballet inspired programs for you to enrol in ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months and from 4 different Train Like a Ballerina master trainers. To select a program simply go to the program section (located in the bottom right corner of your TLB app or top right corner of the website), select a program, your start date & click enrol. All of your workouts will now appear in your personalised calendar according to your selected start date. To un-enrol from a program or to select a new start date go back to the enrolled program page and select un-enrol. Although we don't recommend it, you can most enrol in two programs at the same time.

The first place to check is your spam, promotion or junk folders - the code sometimes accidentally gets thrown in there! There are unfortunately some emails that the system doesn't recognise such as T-Mobile. In order to receive your verification code you will have to change your email address you signed up with. This can be done by simply emailing hello@trainlikeaballerina.com