What is Train Like a Ballerina (TLB)?

Train Like a Ballerina is one of the fastest growing communities of ballerinas and ballet enthusiasts around the world! Whether you’re a professional ballerina or your taking your very first plié, TLB and our team of ballerinas, teachers and trainers are here to guide you every step of the way. All workouts are the workouts leading ballerinas actually do to remain lean and strong. They combine the beauty of ballet with strength and resistance training to sculpt a lean, defined body of a ballerina. Workouts include mat work and floor barre mixed with ballet movements, stretches, cardio & weight training to shape, elongate & strengthen not just ballerina’s bodies, but every body! The TLB method was created on some of the top professional Ballerinas in the world and they are now available to you!

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