Exercises for TURN OUT

Did you ever have a ballet teacher tell you that you just have to ‘work with what you got’? Well if they did I hope they also told you that working with what you were given doesn’t just mean settling, nor does it mean stretching until kingdom come! It means STRENGTHENING. Thankfully on Train Like […]

6 best Ways to Manage Covid Stress

You’re not that happy but you’re pretty sure you’re not depressed. You’re lacking motivation yet there’s nothing physically wrong with you. You count your blessings daily yet the benefits of your practice appear to be dwindling. You have an underlying feeling of emptiness inside you as you smile through your teeth instead of with your […]

Top 3 TLB Exercises for Inner Thigh Strength

Inner thigh strength is used far more than most dancers realise and the importance of correctly strengthening them is often greatly overlooked. Inner thigh strength comes into play from the first time you turn out your legs at the barre, stand in first position or pointe your feet. Correctly engaging & drawing your focus during ballet class […]

Why you’re not getting stronger.

Overworked? Active and actual rest drives better results… Not training correctly? It’s always a great idea to use platforms or teachers to continually assess and evolve your training. Not enough adaption. To evolve and grow, mix it up. Mindset is key! Work on your mindset as much as your muscles. Overworked  As dancers we’re constantly […]

3 Tips For Dancers to Build A Healthy Relationship With Food

By our TLB team dietitian Rachel Fine.https://dancenutrition.com If you’re world turned upside down in 2020, then you’re not alone. Most dancers continue to navigate a new-normal of lockdowns, Zoom classes, and social isolation. When so much is out of our immediate control in our current lives, we can easily fall into very controlling behaviors, especially […]

Top tips to keep you motivated

With two weeks of the Fit Feb 28 challenge already under wraps its time for a hit of ballerina  motivation! The half way mark of any challenge seems to inevitably the hardest. It almost seems easier to roll right back down the hill than to push ourselves over it.  But the beauty of this challenge […]

A Dietitian’s top tips to help you keep on track this silly season.

It is officially that time of year! As much as we all love Christmas, it can be a tricky time, where routines are broken and we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves to buy the perfect gift, make the perfect meal and stay in ‘perfect shape’. With Christmas fast approaching let’s take some […]

The Battle Of The Ballerina’s Bunions

Similar to the general population, dancers are either genetically predisposed to bunions or not. Dancers, however, may be at a high risk of developing bunions as they are overexposed to risk factors – namely – tight fitting footwear (pointe shoes/ballet flats) and certain movements that allow for excessive straining of the big toe joint.  A bunion […]