What Age is Too Late to Start Ballet? Exploring the Possibilities

The world of ballet has always been associated with grace, beauty, and discipline. Many aspiring dancers, regardless of age, find themselves wondering if there is a cutoff point for pursuing this art form. In this comprehensive educational article, we will delve into the question: “What age is too late to start ballet?” We will address […]

Perfecting Pirouettes: Tips and Exercises for Spinning Success

Pirouettes are an essential part of many dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and contemporary. These turns require balance, control, and precision to execute properly. However, with practice and dedication, anyone can perfect their pirouettes. In this article, we will provide tips, tips and exercises you can do to help you improve your pirouettes and spin […]

Why do ballerinas need strong glutes?

Ballerinas are known for their grace, poise, and elegance on stage, but behind the scenes, they work tirelessly to maintain the strength and flexibility required to perform the demanding movements of their art form. Traditionally strength and conditioning training has been largely undervalued in the ballet industry. However, due to the increase in strength and […]

Apple Pie Bircher Muesli

This deliciously simple recipe is one that you can turn to during a week of early mornings. I recommend making a large batch on a Sunday night so all you need to do is serve it in a bowl, or pour some into a jar that you can bring to work! Healthy Facts: Oats are […]


Different diets are thrown around in the ballet industry today as carelessly as month-old pointe shoes. From Ketogenic, paleo, carb-restrictive, intermittent fasting and turning vegan for weight loss, there’s no shortage of fad diets dancers are continuously cycling through in the hopes of losing or maintaining their weight.  However, not only are 95% of diets […]

Risks & Benefits of Cross-training for Dancers

This is part TWO of a FIVE part series where we debunk the myths of cross-training for dancers by answering your fundamental questions, clarifying queries and conveying information so you can begin cross- training, stress free.  You can find Part 1: What is Cross-Training for Dancers? Here Learning that cross-training for dancers is simply ‘training […]

What is Cross-Training for Dancers?

What is cross-training and why excessive ballet classes are not the answer. ‘Get stronger’ One of the most useless pieces of advice a dancer can receive. If it’s not adequately backed with sufficient advice on how to efficiently and safely gain strength. It’s not just technology that has incurred a speedy evolution over the last […]

What Every Dance Teacher Must Know.

I spent my life as a ballerina sh*t scared of pizza, fearing sugar and trying every fad diet under the sun. Countless teachers told me to skip breakfast, never snack and oh my good lord, if you’re seen eating carbs, shut the front door and call your Mother, you’re out!  Strength training was harshly frowned […]

What COVID-19 has Taught us About our Mental Wellbeing

COVID-19 has caused us to question our way of life. It has also taught us to value the simple things, make time for mental health, and for “me” time. There’s no denying that it’s been tough. The uncertainty about our futures, combined with drastic lifestyle changes,  has taken a toll on all of us. But […]

Why Train Like a Ballerina is for Everybody

We believe everyone should have access to ballet training and the ability to Train Like a Ballerina. Let’s have a glimpe behind the curtain as to why train like a ballerina is for all. Ballet dancers are known for their beautiful bodies, flawless grace, and incredible strength. They meticulously prepare for their performances, putting in […]