Why Train Like a Ballerina is for Everybody

We believe everyone should have access to ballet training and the ability to Train Like a Ballerina.

Let’s have a glimpe behind the curtain as to why train like a ballerina is for all.

Ballet dancers are known for their beautiful bodies, flawless grace, and incredible strength. They meticulously prepare for their performances, putting in countless hours to perfect their technique. A ballerina’s lean, sculpted body exudes both strength and elegance. The body of a ballerina is both extremely athletic and beautifully flexible and this strength and beauty is derived from their training specific to ballerinas. Their training has also been perfected to improve posture, incorporate flexibility and build strength. Now not everyone may have the opportunity to become a professional ballerina but the beauty of Train Like a Ballerina is everyone can now train like one.

Originating from the 15th Century, Ballet began in the Italian Renaissance courts. Back then, dancers were mostly noble amateurs dressed in ornate costumes to impress their audience. The intricacies of their ballet skills evolved over time as the fine arts grew. The 20th Century then saw ballet become more technically complex and reach new audiences’ interests. Today, modern ballet combines the old and the new and appeals to all and the training of ballerinas, which was once only available for an elite few is now available to all and in the palm of your hands. Train Like a Ballerina (TLB) brings the beauty of classical ballet, dance and ballerina’s training to everybody.

TLB was designed for ballerinas, but has since been adopted by non-ballerinas around the world, from all walks of life. Global users now use the Train Like a Ballerina Ballet website or apps as part of their daily workout routine. The TLB platforms are an all-encompassing approach to long-term wellness for both children and adults. 

What is different about ballet training?

Ballet is a form of art in which the human body is used to create movement. It is capable of telling a story or expressing a thought, concept, or emotion. Ballet can be enthralling, thrilling, or provocative. Ballet dancers are taught to make their movements appear gentle and graceful, but ballet technique requires a great deal of strength, balance, skill and flexibility. Ballet is evolving and thankfully so is their training. Gone are the days of ballerinas only requiring ballet class to remain strong. Cross training and TLB training has been adopted by ballerinas worldwide and thanks to programs on TLB dancers have the opportunity to follow structured programs and workouts that have been trialled and tested on thousands of other dancers around the world with raging success.

We believe everyone should have access to ballet training and the ability to train like a ballerina. This is why TLB is now available to everyone! Let’s have a glimpse behind the curtain as to why Train Like a Ballerina is for all.

Why everyone can Train Like a Ballerina?

  • Incorporates Flexibility: Ballet training is not only a full body workout but TLB movements guides the body into its ends ranges of motion. End range of motion is the point where your active mobility ends. This is
    also, naturally your muscles weakest point. Combining strength with end range of motion training is a big focus in TLB training and can be done by everyone. This aids in injury prevention as well as increases flexibility whilst
    retaining and building strength.
  • Focus on Posture: We know posture can look nice but did you know good posture can help relieve headaches, neck and back tension, increase lung capacity and improve your circulation and digestion? From the very
    first exercise in TLB training you will learn what good posture is and how to attain it.
  • Ballet Improves Muscle Strength: When you train like a ballerina you will incorporate and strengthen all muscle groups of the body. Traditional strength training can be tedious and boring but combining the beauty
    and movement of ballet with TLB strength exercises, you will be working out and gaining incredible strength without even having to blink a ballerina eye.
  • Mindfulness and Calmness: Ballet consists of exercises that progress from slow to fast. During ballet, we concentrate on syncing our body movements. This is the essence of mindfulness that can help us feel more at
    ease and at content. We release tension, increase oxygen intake, and expel toxins during the ballet, all of which contribute to a beautiful state of calm. This, along with the new flexibility and muscle strength leads to a healthier
    body for LIFE.
  • Discipline, Perseverance and Commitment: Just like Rome, the body of a ballerina was not built in a day. TLB promotes adopting a fitness regime that is possible to sustain not just short term, but for the remainder
    of your life. This is where you will learn true discipline, perseverance and commitment. Ballet as a dance necessitates a great deal of discipline, perseverance and commitment. Performing ballet develops a sense of self-discipline
    of the body and mind. It inculcates a great deal of self-control. These skills are all skills you will learn from training like a ballerina and will help you transform not only your body but every aspect of your life as well.
  • Can Be Done Anywhere, Anytime: Much like strength training was traditionally done in a gym, classical ballet training has traditionally been conducted in a dance studio. Thanks to TLB you can no train like a
    ballerina anywhere, anytime.Use the Train Like a Ballerina website or apps on your phone, tablet or computer any time of day – pick the time of day that works for you. With short exercises you can make the most of your quick
    afternoon break, or with dedicated Programs you can join the TLB community daily to achieve your health goals. 
  • A Fitness Regime for Life: Gone are the days of despising your fitness routine. There is a reason ballerinas never want to retire. Dancing, ballet and training like a ballerina feels good!
  • Makes You Feel Beautiful: With the combination of ballet, strength and resistance training and stretching, each workout leaves you feeling long, lean confident and strong. Now we’re done tooting our own horn.
    Discover how good you can feel each day yourself. Join the TLB family and growing community today and start looking and feeling like a ballerina!

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