Top tips to keep you motivated

With two weeks of the Fit Feb 28 challenge already under wraps its time for a hit of ballerina  motivation! The half way mark of any challenge seems to inevitably the hardest. It almost seems easier to roll right back down the hill than to push ourselves over it. 

But the beauty of this challenge has been, we’ve been in it together. The accountability hasn’t just flashed at you on your daily Train Like A Ballerina calendar but the idea that everyone else mustering through the challenge has managed to keep going gives us a burning desire to not stop either. 

Whether you are taking part in the Fit Feb challenge or you’re on your very own fitness journey, these tips will hopefully help you get you there with far less excuses and far more smiles.

1. Schedule Your Workouts In.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have the memory of a clown fish. If it’s not in my diary, it fathoms to exist. Your workout is your responsibility to make a priority. If your eyebrow tint makes it into your diary and not your health and fitness, you may have a far more serious priority issue at play. Try and schedule in all of your workouts just like any other appointment. You’re far less likely to skip a workout if it’s in the diary. And what’s even better – you can see when your rest days are and plan for those too!If you’ve signed up to one of the program on Train Like A Ballerina all of your workouts show up daily on your personalized calendar – how easy! 

2. Two words: Workout Buddy.

Whether it’s over Zoom, in person or checking in with each other after each day, finding a friend or colleague to keep you both accountable can be a HUGE motivator. I do warn you though, be picky with your partner. It’s just as easy to have a friend who brings you down than pushes you up. Find someone you know will assist you in lifting you higher, never taking your lame excuses and who’ll be there are the finish line right there with you with a high five, big smile and possibly a burger and fries. 

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Training is hard. Self-motivation is even harder! If you miss a workout, a mediation or daily movement – do not worry! The challenge is here to guide you but ensure you listen to your own body each day. If you’re tired, sore or just not feeling it, skip a day and start again tomorrow. One missed day does not equal failure and if you decide you’d like to start the challenge at a later date, simply unenrol and enrol with your new start date. 

4. Reward Yourself. 

Now I’m not saying it has to be an entire cheesecake or family meal at Mcdonalds but small rewards do go a long way.  A new workout outfit, favourite meal or even the feeling of knowing how gosh darn good you’re going to feel each day is a reward in itself. 

5. Track Your Progress.

Taking progress photos can be whole-heartedly scary. I’m yet to meet a person who revels in the thought. If progress photos aren’t your thing then a progress diary is just as grand. Sometimes on our journey to the top of the mountain we sometimes forget just how far we’ve come. It’s easy to get lost in the blizzards, wind and long road ahead. But when we are able to look back and see how far we have come we realise very quickly that we have achieved and how wonderful it felt to get there. 

6. Music Music Music

Now we all know music is life but have you ever switched up your music playlists and seen your entire mood change? Plan a music playlist the night before your workouts and I can promise you the excitement you’ll feel about listening to it the next day is one that never gets old. 

We hope these small tips help you stay motivated, keep you going and push you over that glorious hill. Ensure to tag @trainlikeaballerina on Instagram to help inspire others with your fabulous fitness journey.

Happy training team!

Louisa Xx.