Different diets are thrown around in the ballet industry today as carelessly as month-old pointe shoes. From Ketogenic, paleo, carb-restrictive, intermittent fasting and turning vegan for weight loss, there’s no shortage of fad diets dancers are continuously cycling through in the hopes of losing or maintaining their weight.  However, not only are 95% of diets […]

Risks & Benefits of Cross-training for Dancers

This is part TWO of a FIVE part series where we debunk the myths of cross-training for dancers by answering your fundamental questions, clarifying queries and conveying information so you can begin cross- training, stress free.  You can find Part 1: What is Cross-Training for Dancers? Here Learning that cross-training for dancers is simply ‘training […]

What is Cross-Training for Dancers?

What is cross-training and why excessive ballet classes are not the answer. ‘Get stronger’ One of the most useless pieces of advice a dancer can receive. If it’s not adequately backed with sufficient advice on how to efficiently and safely gain strength. It’s not just technology that has incurred a speedy evolution over the last […]

Rest & Recovery for dancers

Rest and active recovery allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between workouts or lengthy days of dancing and performances. It also allows the dancer to recover, both physically and psychologically, allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself in preparation for the next training load, and decreases […]