Programs & Master Trainers

Have you ever dreamt of training with world leading ballerinas and their trainers? Well now you can!
Train Like a Ballerina brings you the workouts and exercises that ballerinas do to sculpt their lean, defined ballerina bodies. The secrets of the ballet world are now available to you and right in the palm of your hands.

Train Like a Ballerina has 4 leading ballerinas, 12 different programs and over 250 individual workouts. These programs have been carefully curated by the ballerinas and their trainers and perfected for you. We strongly recommend enrolling in one of the many incredible programs as these programs have been trialed and tested on hundreds of dancers and non dancers around the globe. The results are in and they are incredible!
But which trainer should I train with and which program should I join?

Below is a little information about your trainers and their programs. If you’re still unsure you can always opt to start on one of the monthly schedules. They range from beginner to advanced and have a mix of workouts from multiple trainers.


Russian born, Anna dances as a principal ballerina with the Dutch National Ballet company. She is the newest member of the TLB family and has just launched her first program Pure Floor Barre. Her workouts are classical ballet based taking inspiration from ballet barre, studio and stage.

Anna’s programs:

  • Pure Floor Barre: 6 weeks | Take your ballet training to the floor. Beginner – intermediate
    Ballet Barre: 6 weeks | intermediate – advanced


Kathryn Boren is a member of ‪American Ballet Theatre‬ a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She takes inspiration for her workouts from strength and resistance training and the training which ballerinas of the American Ballet Theatre train. They are tough, but they work!

Katie’s programs:

  • Ballerina Bootcamp: 3 months | intermediate – advanced
  • Equipt: 8 weeks | An equipment based program incorporating hand weights, a chair or barre and stability ball. Advanced


Louisa Paterson is an ex-ballerina turned master trainer and the founder of Train Like a ballerina. Her workouts are ballet inspired and incorporate classical ballet movements with strength and resistance training. She created the TLB method on the worlds leading ballerinas but has adapted each workout and exercise for every body.

Louisa’s programs:

  • Lean and Strong: 3 months | beginner – intermediate
  • Elite: 3 months | intermediate – advanced
  • Lift: 4 weeks | An introduction to weight training
  • Turn Out for What: 3 weeks | Key program to increase your turn out
  • Back to Stage: 6 weeks | For professionals returning to studio and stage
  • Middle Splits: 6 weeks | Get into the middle splits
  • Side Splits: 6 weeks | Get into the side splits


Sydney born, Robert has graced world stages with his many successful years as a professional dancer and is now a leading teacher and trainer in Australia and Europe. His workouts are strength-focused, ballet-inspired twist and take inspiration from his many years teaching and training pilates.

Robert’s programs:

  • Total Body Reset: 6 weeks | The perfect program to reset your base strength. Beginner – intermediate
    Men’s Body Conditioning: 8 weeks | Intermediate – advanced