Ballerina Feet (Ballet Feet) – What Professional Ballet Dancing Does To Your Feet?

Ballet pushes the anatomical possibilities of humans to the extreme, much like elite sports. It is a moment of wonder and awe when watching ballerinas perform an entire routine in pointe shoes. The constant strain on the lower extremities due to pointe shoes and pointe work- the leaping, landing, twisting, and turning- can have not […]

Tips For New Adult Ballet Students

The idea of canvassing the ballet world as an adult can be quite intimidating. Ballet training is complex and takes years to master. It can be exhausting to get the pirouettes, plié, and arabesque just right. Adult ballet students feel that extra pressure to pick up intricate moves and techniques as quickly as possible. However, […]

Flexibility – The best stretches for beginners.

Flexibility is defined as the body’s ability to move joints through an unrestricted and pain-free range of motion. The range of motion is influenced by the mobility of the soft tissues that surround the joint such as the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, and skin. Flexibility is a very important aspect of dance. Ballerinas understand […]

Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion In Ballet

Times are changing and the call for collective social change has never been louder and sweeping. Ballet and its institution are no longer elite or exclusive. The time-hollowed notions and austere traditions of ballet have perpetuated historical inequity and discrimination. The burgeoning diversity and inclusivity movement in ballet are opening doors for racially marginalised, LGBTQIA, […]

Dealing With Injuries

A professional dance career is always marred with injuries. It is an inevitability that every dancer must deal with. It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with injuries and the recovery thereafter. Most dancers struggle to cope with the swath of free time that they are left with. The psychological implication of an injury can […]

Coping With Burnout

Burnout is understood to be a universal, innate, and prevalent human condition. Nonetheless, the stressful panorama of the competitive dance world puts dancers at a higher risk of burnout than the general population. Traits of competitive anxiety and burnout are significantly high among ballet dancers. It has become an occupational hazard. The clinical condition of […]

Q&A with the incredible Katie Boren

What inspired you to start dancing?  I was inspired to start dancing after seeing a performance of The Nutcracker when I was very young. I wasn’t even three years old, and my mom took me to see Texas Ballet Theatre’s production of the Nutcracker. Apparently, I started crying after the first act because I thought […]

The Train Like a Ballerina Guide To Overcome Pandemic Fatigue: Part 2

Mental & Physical Health  The urgency to return to normalcy, to the pre-covid life, is a mutual feeling amongst all. But, health experts across the world have warned that premature return to ‘business as usual’ can be disastrous. Public health campaigns now are not only promoting safety measures but also addressing the implications of the […]

The Evolution Of Ballet Through The Centuries

The origins of ballet are rooted in the extravagant royal court commemorations of 15th century Renaissance Italy. The word ballet is derived from the Italian word ‘ballare’ which means ‘to dance, to jump about’. Aristocratic families enjoyed lavish celebrations such as weddings and parties with grandeur; dance and music were always part of these celebrations. […]