Intermediate Monthly Schedule

This intermediate monthly schedule combines intermediate level ballet based strength workouts from both master trainers Louisa & Katie. Combining workouts from Louisa’s ‘Lean and Strong’ program as well as Katie’s ‘Ballerina Bootcamp you will end this month with increased full body strength and flexibility! Simply select your start date, click enrol & your workout will […]

Beginner Monthly Schedule

This beginner monthly schedule is the perfect mix of foundation strength training as well as weekly flexibility work. Designed for those new to training or coming back from time away from fitness to slowly ease you back in. Simply select your start date, click enroll & your workout will appear in your personalised calendar. Trainer: […]


Weight training has countless incredible benefits, but just like anything new it can be scary to get started. The fear of so many ballerina’s and women globally is that lifting weights will bulk your muscles. This is simply not true! So we’ve designed a 4 week program for dancers and non dancers, entirely home based […]

Total Body Reset

Total Body Reset has been designed for every BODY. Female, male, dancer or non dancer, and of all ages and levels.In this 6 week pilates based program Robert will take your through all new TLB exercises and workouts to progressively build up your all over body strength, resetting and reviving every muscle in your body. […]

Pure Floor Barre

Pure Floor Barre is a 6 week program designed by principal ballerina of Dutch National Ballet, Anna Ol. By taking your workouts to purely the floor you can focus on training the muscle memory required for ballet and perfecting the ballet movements before standing up. Anna has incorporated her key strengthening floor barre exercises she […]

Foundation by Katie Boren

FOUNDATION 4 WEEK BEGINNER PROGRAM by TLB master trainer and ballerina from American Ballet Theatre Katie Boren. This program focuses on creating a strong foundation for every body, especially for those who are just starting to explore the TLB workouts and new to fitness or returning after time away! We will be building a solid […]