The Relevé Guide To Overcome Pandemic Fatigue: Part 2

Mental & Physical Health  The urgency to return to normalcy, to the pre-covid life, is a mutual feeling amongst all. But, health experts across the world have warned that premature return to ‘business as usual’ can be disastrous. Public health campaigns now are not only promoting safety measures but also addressing the implications of the […]

A Dietitian’s top tips to help you keep on track this silly season.

It is officially that time of year! As much as we all love Christmas, it can be a tricky time, where routines are broken and we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves to buy the perfect gift, make the perfect meal and stay in ‘perfect shape’. With Christmas fast approaching let’s take some […]

The Evolution Of Ballet Through The Centuries

The origins of ballet are rooted in the extravagant royal court commemorations of 15th century Renaissance Italy. The word ballet is derived from the Italian word ‘ballare’ which means ‘to dance, to jump about’. Aristocratic families enjoyed lavish celebrations such as weddings and parties with grandeur; dance and music were always part of these celebrations. […]

The Relevé Guide To Overcome Pandemic Fatigue: Part 1

Meditation & morning habits to overcome pandemic fatigue What a year it has been… A pandemic, the threat of World War III, global recession, political turmoil, millions infected, and millions of loved ones lost. Want to overcome pandemic fatigue? The toll of this pandemic on human health (and the collateral damage incurred) has been cataclysmic. COVID […]

The Importance Of Good Posture

All dance performances require technical skills, flexibility, and physical strength. In ballet, dancers focus on postural stability to execute different techniques. Ballerinas require a higher level of control of their muscles to perform intricate movements with precision and hold positions for extended periods, all while looking incredibly elegant and graceful. Correct posture and body alignment […]

The Battle Of The Ballerina’s Bunions

Similar to the general population, dancers are either genetically predisposed to bunions or not. Dancers, however, may be at a high risk of developing bunions as they are overexposed to risk factors – namely – tight fitting footwear (pointe shoes/ballet flats) and certain movements that allow for excessive straining of the big toe joint.  A bunion […]

Diversity And Inclusion In The World Of Ballet

The father of ballet, Marius Petipa, paved the way for modern-day classical ballet. Ballet, with its origins in the 15th and 16th century Italian and French Renaissance, has evolved from court entertainment to the contemporary art form we know and love today. The 20th century gave birth to masterpieces such as Romeo and Juliet, The […]

Our Guide To Tackling Performance Anxiety

As dancers, we spend our whole lives stringently preparing for the stage. Being on that stage is a dream come true, the culmination of years of hard work and scrutiny. But, just before going on stage, have you ever felt dizzy, nauseous, or you go blank and can’t remember your choreography? Your mind is racing, […]

The Best Ballet Workouts For Legs & Butt

Ballerinas are known for their exquisite physique, extraordinary strength, and impeccable grace. Ballet dancers are conscientious about their training, spending countless hours to perfect their craft. The lean, sculpted body of a ballerina exudes both strength and elegance. A ballerina is always in control of every movement, and every muscle of her body as she […]