PROTEIN: What you should know

If you’ve gone your entire life believing that ample protein intake is just for body builders and ego enriched men at the gym looking for gains on gains, then you are amongst 90% of most women and dancers. But we are here to burst your little bullshit bubble and lead you in the right direction […]

Yoga & Ballet

How Can Yoga Improve My Dancing? Most people that start practicing yoga do it to improve their flexibility and fitness.  Well as dancers we already spend so much time on these things.  So you may be wondering, how can I possibly improve my dancing through yoga? Peace of mind Patanjali defines yoga as Chitta Vritti Nirodha, which […]

GYROTONIC® the dancers’ well kept secret

Gyro whaaat?  Gyrotonics is not just a trend floating around the dance world today, it’s benefiting people and specifically dancers worldwide. Sofia, a certified Gyrotonic® teacher, explains how you can reap the benefits.  What is Gyrotonic? The Gyrotonic Method is an exercise system designed to take the body beyond its limitations by executing fluid, well […]

Should women lift?

Tears rolled repetitively down my rosey cheeks as my Russian teacher slapped me on my ass and called me fat. ‘Little piggy!’ she explained. I was 17 and 53 kilos. For a normal girl my age I was marginally underweight, malnourished and on the inside, reasonably starving, but in the ballet world I had a […]

Should Dancers RUN?

Although dancers have a mountain of problems, is running away from them the best way? And this I mean in the upmost literal sense of course, is it okay for dancers to run? Much like weight training, running was something I was constantly told is the worst possible thing any dancers should be doing. ‘It […]