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My intention with these recipes is to educate and inspire you to make better decisions for your health and body. I am passionate about reconnecting people with the foods they choose to fuel themselves with, and cooking is one of the greatest ways to foster this connection. I also believe within each of us is a repository of intuitive intelligence, which allows you to instinctively select foods that are going to properly nourish your unique body, mind and soul. However, for those starting out on this road to optimising health, guidance is pivotal.

I have purposefully included mostly plant-based, gluten and dairy free options as I feel we can all do with more veggies in our lives, and less foods that are going to cause an upset tummy. I also find many people simply don’t know how to create nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals! These recipes are non-intimidating and strip everything back to basics; all ingredients are easily obtained at the supermarket or local health food shop, and prove that vegetables can taste amazing too! I am not necessarily out to try and come up with restaurant quality creations; instead I want to demonstrate practical and simple ways to nourish yourself and those around you!

In-Joy, Jenna x

written by

Jenna Carroll

Jenna’s career began as a professional ballerina, traveling and performing all over the world. However, it was during the recovery from a major injury that ultimately ended her career, where she became fascinated with how the right foods and nutrients were the ultimate source of healing for the body and mind. Almost immediately, Jenna enrolled in full-time studies in this field – from which she hopes to combine her experience in the competitive and demanding world of dance, with her knowledge of nutrition and naturopathy, to educate and inspire current and former dancers, in attaining both peak performance and recovery.

Jenna is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine.

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Professional Ballerina, writer, elite strength and performance coach and soon to be nutritionist. Meet the woman behind TrainLikeaBallerina and the vision to help dancers worldwide and empower women globally.

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