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Time for some much needed HoliYAYs but dreading getting out of shape? Follow my top tips on staying fit, fabulous and toned this holiday season to ensure some serious chill time without compensating your damn fine figure.

Just 15 minutes a day

Around the same time it takes to prepare a batch of frozen margaritas you could of raised your heart rate, sweated last nights alcohol out and strengthened your muscles. Allocate just 15 minutes a day to high intensity training or one of my online workouts and you won’t just feel damn sexy on the beach but your body will hail you as Queen as you won’t suffer nearly as much when you return to full training.

Muscle activation

Did you know that you can actually start losing muscle strength within 24 hours? So as much as your body needs some solid rest and recovery you also want to keep your muscles activated so that when you do return to fitness and working out it’s going to be vastly easier to regain your muscle strength to its previous level.
Now muscle activation is easy peasy and the best part about it is you can do muscle activation lying on the beach! 10-15 minutes a day of muscle activation on selected muscle groups is all you need to do. Now this can literally be lying by a pool and focusing on tensing your entire core for 20 seconds and releasing for 5 seconds, repeat and repeat. The core is best for muscle activation as maintaining a tight core is reasonably hard on holiday, but you can also do muscle activation on other muscles too. Try your quads and calves. Two great groups of muscles that lose strength fast and are easy to activate even with a cocktail in hand.

Compound exercises

So you have 15 minutes of precious sun baking time allocated to exercise, so for time sakes purpose make sure to get the most out of your short every day workout. Just like in all of my full body online workout use compound exercises. Compound exercises use more than one group of muscles, such as a lunge with a shoulder press, plank with a leg release or a squat with a bicep curl. If you’re going to workout you may as well get as much bang or your buck as you can possibly sweat out.

Keep weak muscles strong

For me I don’t have a very strong back and my arms lose strength very fast so I make sure even if my body needs to be rested that I still find time each day or second day to do just a few strengthening exercises for my back and arms. Time off from fitness can also be a great opportunity to strengthen targeted weak muscles while still allowing your body to rest, such as your calves. Now this isn’t just for dancers, non dancers tend to also have very weak calves as the little bad boys down there are often neglected. So why not set a goal for yourself to do each day 20 slow calf rises, 2-3 times, on each leg. Which brings me to my next tip…

Set yourself small fitness goals

Now I am a HUGE advocate for goal setting. Even in the holidays while lying on the beach and downing our own weight in alcohol, goal setting can not only give you a huge sense of achievement (amidst doing next to nothing) but it’s going to get your booty moving too. Now this can be something as small as ‘Be able to do one full push up by the end of my holiday’ or ‘Do 30 squats a day’ or what I like to do is tell myself every glass of wine equals 20 push ups later, or a minute of sit ups. Also good for reducing my love for wine with every meal on holiday.

Seasonal activities

Wether it be summer in Ibiza or Winter in Canada, all holidays have amazing outdoor activities that burn calories, keep you smiling and your muscles booming. Do your research. Maybe this holiday it’s time to learn how to paddle board, kite surf or hike up that beautiful mountain.


Now we all know the importance of sleep. Sleep is LIIIFE but on holidays amongst the parties, sun, fun and tonnes of drinking, it can sometimes be forgotten. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to fit that beauty sleep in. Your eye bags, soul and muscles will be thanking you later.


Once we get out out of our every day habits and onto the chillaxing holiday mobile, we forget about the biggest necessity our body requires, water. Sun, coffee, increased fat intake and luxuriance amounts of alcohol (i’d day) are all holiday necessities. But are also 4 humungo reasons to consume more water. Like every day life - carry a full water bottle with you wherever you go. To avoid lugging that full damn thing with you wherever you go, you’ll just have to drink the contents. Start and end your day with a big glass full of the delicious stuff and for every glass of coffee, tea or alcohol be sure to add another glass of water to the tab - all for the fair playing water field.

Following just a few simple tips during your time away from full training can help in ways I never imagined. Try these small tip next time your lucky enough to snag a holiday and hopefully, just maybe, you'll be thanking me later! L Xx.